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The Battlefield Guide

The Battlefield Guide Cover

The Battlefield Guide provides “… a series of postage-stamp renderings of little known stories and details drawn from original source material and mainly from the turning point of the [Civil War] war, with an eye-witness from today, the poet himself.” —Ellen Jane Powers, Off the Coast

“Rich in precise details and vivid imagery, [The Battlefield Guide] brings a fading chapter of American history into sharp focus while acknowledging the lessons learned since, giving these poems an engaging sense of immediacy. Martin displays an extraordinary gift for wordplay, yet his sympathy toward those who fought and died is always evident, as in “Antietam National Military Cemetary”: “Silence gathers the weight of centuries. / I hear its voice carry in it the chorus / of the children never born.” Insightful and beautifully written, Battlefield Guide is a real treat. —Kathi Hennessey Ex Libris

The Battlefield Guide CD

The CD, included with the book, features a reading of Gettysburg and Antietam by the author, with musical accompaniment composed by Tim Mowry, and played by The Battlefield Guide Trio (Tim Mowry, Val Blachly, and Ellen Carlson).

Listen to a sample from The Battlefield Guide CD below.

The Blue Moon Series

The Blue Moon Series Cover

The Blue Moon Series creates a place whereHuman imagination can run wild at night when the moon is full and shadows prowl and the screech of an owl penetrates our marrow. . . . gut wrenching in its pristine beauty. Martin’s poetic skill and Gowey’s illustration commemorate a tragedy amidst Nature’s elegance.” —Laurel Johnson,  Senior Reviewer for Midwest Book Review and Review Editor for New Works Review.

For All The Tea in Zhōngguó  

An image of the front and back cover of the book For All the Tea in Zhoegguo
Poems and translations in both Mandarin and English.