Welcome to the website of Rodger Martin—poet, teacher, editor, journalist, director of Monadnock Pastoral Poets.

Rodger Martin is the author of four books of poetry.  His latest book, For All The Tea in Zhōngguó  was released in 2019It follows The Battlefield Guide, (Hobblebush Books: 2010, 2013) and the selection of The Blue Moon Series, (Hobblebush Books:  2007)  by Small Press Review which was one of its bi-monthly picks of the year.  Poet Henry Walters says, ” In Rodger Martin’s poems and collaborations with contemporary Chinese poets, translation is less a two-way street than a triangulation.  We learn … his practice of seeking clues …each one leading the reader a little further into an inexhaustible labyrinth of a language, culture, an aesthetic, and a poetic tradition as different from the American tradition as can be.  If you’ve felt ‘this two-headed unvierse pounding on our temples,’ here is an art capable of holding it together.”

“Landscape mingled with myth” is how Nanjing University’s Zhang Ziqing, translator of Selected Poems of T.S. Eliot and A History of Twentieth Century American Poetry, perceives Martin’s poetry; or, as poet and Harvard Review critic Bill Doreski notes in Heartbeat of New England, his poetry takes an approach that defies classification and grouping, as in “Along the Monadnock Watch” for example, “Martin finds in the death of a moose on a highway a tragedy of classical proportions.”

About The Battlefield Guide

Much of the character of Rodger Martin’s poetry is contained in the opening lines of “Harper’s Ferry” [The Battlefield Guide]. For him there is no Civil War of separate battles. The Vietnam war is equally the Trojan war, the Civil War, WWII, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan…, because his vision takes in the basic humanity of such experience.—B. Eugene McCarthy, author of Sound Ideas


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Rodger converses poetry and translation with fellow Hobblebush poet Henry Walters (April, 2021):  Conversations with Granite State Poets – Rodger Martin and Henry Walters – YouTube 

Rodger blames the typewriter for turning him into a poet in an interview with Sean Hurley of New Hampshire Public Radio at Robert Frost Place in Franconia, NH (April, 2014).

Rodger discusses his books The Blue Moon Series and The Battlefield Guide in an interview with Hobblebush Books (September, 2013).

A story published by The Equinox, Keene State College’s award-winning student newspaper, about Martin’s work in China.

Credits: Photograph of Mount Monadnock from Gap Mountain by Clair Degutis
Photograph of Sunrise on Pearly Pond by Gordon Ripley