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  1. The words of”The Second Coming” have been echoing in my mind since the election. It’s poem so many of us can’t forget. Your comments helped my Trump blues. If it’s possible, please keep me on your blog. Did Dianalee receive this? If not, I’d like to send it to her.

  2. Rodger, I wonder if you are the person I knew years ago when at the time you lived in Peterborough? Your reply would be appreciated. Thank you, Barbara Sullivan Brooks

    1. Dear Barbara,

      No date with your message, but likely I am that person since I have been in Peterborough area since 1973. Tell me more.


  3. Roger it’s Richard Reilly , your old softball compadre , I am starting to write poetry again and I’m thinking of taking a online class and wanted your advice for what a old fart trying to write again might pursue , I’ve written a few out of the gate and it feels good, just your thoughts

  4. Dear Rodger-
    What an excellent piece of great pictures,poems and comments!
    Thanks so much for this lovely pice about you and your life!!
    Hope all”s well with you!

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